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Cultural life

In Patince there is a new port set in beautiful scenery. The private boat Wellness 1 is anchored in this port, and you can use the boat for making boat trips into the areas around Patince, Štúrovo, Esztergom and Komárno. Here there is also a yacht port for 25-30 yachts. The town of Komárno offers to visitors around 40 cultural and historical monuments. One of the oldest monuments is the fortress, rebuilt several times, which played an important role in the 700-year history of the town. As far as architecture is concerned, Europe Place is another interesting place to visit. In Kolárovo, a town 20 km from Komárno, you can visit a unique floating watermill, originally placed upon a boat. At present it is an interesting and unique museum. There is a ranch in the area, which is the venue of many various events. Esztergom is an important cultural centre, where there are many historical monuments, particularly the largest basilica in Central Europe. Twenty kilometres from Esztergom there is Vyšehrad (in Hungarian Visegrád), a small town in the north of Hungary with an old castle and fortification over the Danube, and a lovely view of the surrounding lowlands. In the vicinity there is a summer bobsleigh track. About 5 km from the village Virt we can find an interesting group of live and dead branches of the river, with good opportunities for fishing. In this location there is a nature reserve Mašan. In the direction of Komárno there lies the village of Iža, which is famous for the Roman military camp Leányvár (Dievčí hrad), which used to be part of the gigantic defence system Limes Romanus. In the Hungarian Neszmély opposite Moča there is the so called wine hotel with a swimming pool, which offers its guests tennis courts and an area where they can make a campfire.