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You will be charmed by the peace and sounds of nature. Take a stroll along the banks of the Danube. Every spring and summer there are beautiful sandy beaches there, only 200 metres from the villa, with the possibility to do things like swimming, bathing, taking a trip in your boat, fishing and water sports. If you like fishing, you can sit on the riverbank with a fishing rod only a few metres from our villa. Take the opportunity to bathe in the Danube or at least take a trip in your rowing boat. You can park your boat in the enclosed car park at the villa. You can take a trip along the 1 km long asphalted dyke in front of the villa, and get to know the area in a different way – on wheels. Bring your Go-Peds, roller skates, or skateboard. Connected to this part is the several kilometres long Danube dyke leading to Štúrovo, or the old road to Štúrovo stretching along the Danube. These tracks are part of the official international cyclist track from Passau to Vienna – Bratislava – Komárno – Štúrovo – Esztergom – Budapest. This will be appreciated mainly by cyclists, but they are suitable for running as well as longer walks with your family.


While you are staying in the villa, it is possible to buy various kinds of home-made wine, fresh vegetables and fruit from the local growers. In the centre of the village Moča there are 2 groceries 300 m from the villa, a hairdresser’s, a health centre, a pharmacy, a petrol station, a cake shop or restaurant, and the Hunter pub.